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Environment Restoration System(P1-ERS)

Develops modules and devices based on sensors, as well as oxygen generators/OH radical generators

Hydroxyl Radical is an eco-friendly natural substance researched by environmentally sensitive countries that is used to directly react to and decompose pollutants. It is a strong and fast oxidizer that is safe to human and environment.

OH-Radical is one of the strongest oxidizers, second to fluorine (F), used to sterilize, disinfect, decompose, and deodorize. Its oxidizing capacity is stronger than that of ozone (O3) or chlorine (Cl2). Like its contenders, it is organic but noteworthily odorless.

Known to be effective against SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Hong Kong avian influenza, O-157, salmonella, and mildew, it is considered to be the only alternative substance to oxidize, deodorize, decolor, sterilize, and purify without negative environmental impacts

Maintaining the oxygen concentration of surface water and subsurface water, of which dissolved oxygen is typically 3-7ppm, to a level optimized for growing crops is our key technology.

Crop Environment Monitoring Device (P1-E)